Gay Games 2022 in San Francisco

Under the leadership of Ken Craig and former Olympian Anne Warner Cribbs of BASOC, the Bay Area Sports Organizing Committee, there was a group of us dedicated volunteers who worked hard to put together a bid for the 2022 Gay Games XI - the 40th Anniversary of the Gay Games - to be held in the city in which the Gay Games was born...San Francisco.  

However, the selection committee from the Federation of Gay Games did not choose SF as one of the top three finalists. Those lucky finalists are the cities of Hong Kong, China, Guadalajara, Mexico and Washington DC, US.  Washington DC was the runner up to host the 2018 Games and lost to Paris, so they've had time to refresh and revise their very strong bid. The Gay Games has never been held in an Asian country, so there is strong interest in Hong Kong.  Both of these cities have included sailing as one of their sports.  The third city of Guadalajara, for pretty obvious reasons, does not include sailing. The vibrancy of the city as well as the fact that the Games have never been held in a Latin country either add allure to their first bid attempt to host.

The FGG selection committee will be spending the spring and summer visiting each bidding finalist city, review every venue, discuss budgets and finances, as well as asking a lot of questions of each team.  If you would like to see the bids submitted by those cities - or all of the bidders - you can go to the Federation of Gay Games website and take a look for yourself.  Who will you be rooting for to win the honor of hosting in 2022?  We'll all find out in October!