Help Bring the Gay Games Home in 2022!

If you haven't heard the exciting news yet, San Francisco is working to bring the Gay Games home for our 40th Anniversary in 2022...and this Games will include a sailing regatta here in SF!!  On behalf of the Bid Committee, we would LOVE to have your support both in words AND a small contribution to help show the Bay Area's support.

Our interest is showing a strong Bay Area support of this effort by a large number of smaller donations.  Maybe you can give $40 for our 40th Anniversary, or $22 for 2022 or however you'd like to participate...we'd be happy to accept more if you can fit it in your is all welcome and helpful and tax deductible!!  

Please visit our GoFundMe page to donate and for more info

I was invited to participate in this bid effort to coordinate the sailing sport representing the SF Sailing Team...sailing in SF, well...duh!! :)  I asked Jan Crosbie-Taylor to join me along with Rick Galbreath as the male co-chair.  Now I'm asking for your help & support by throwing a few bucks in the bucket and spread the word to your friends and sphere's of influence.  It's not only sailing, but there are about 30 sports and cultural events as there are a LOT of folks in the Bay Area that I'm sure would have an interest.  It costs $45,000 in fees alone to submit a bid, that's the first step to bringing the Games home.  Our final bid document is due in November, but we've got some expenses to help cover in prepping that bid, these donations will help cover all those costs.

One other volunteer opportunity that the Bid Committee could use right now is a web designer.  Our bid committee chairs are doing all they can, but it's a lot...and they're not web experts.  If you or anyone you know would be willing to help with a more professional website, please let me know and I'm sure the team would be happy to accept the help.  This is what we've got for now:  We're in the heart of tech, for goodness sake, we should be able to find a web designer somewhere, right? 

I would be VERY grateful for your support & help in whatever way you can and in sharing the news!

Heather Stewart