Photo Gallery

Take a look at some of the Gay Games and social events throughout the years.  Clicking on each gallery title will take you to that individual gallery. Then click on the photo for slide show larger views and captions.

Social Sailing and More

Photos from various SF Sailing Team casual sailing days, member organized sails, and other social events.  Members include boat owners, club member skippers who charter regularly, and friends who like to sail!  For those who aren't interested in racing, this is the way to invite and/or join with other LGBT sailors.


Gay Games IX 2014 Cleveland, Ohio, USA

The Games returns to the US to an unlikely location for many LGBT people to travel too...Cleveland, really?  But you know what?  Cleveland did us proud!  It wasn't easy, and there were obvious vestiges of opposition, but Cleveland welcomed us...which could be seen clearly from the rainbow flags everywhere...including the beautiful rainbow lit Tower Terminal. Hopefully many hearts & minds were changed, we met a few that were...very cool!

Most Edgewater Yacht Club members welcomed us as our hosts, those that didn't weren't welcomed during our stay...a nice show of support of club members & allies!  Our sailing coordinators had a *heck* of a situation to deal with, as a storm made Lake Erie unsafe to sail most days of our regatta week!  Hard work from the coordinators, race officials, supporters, volunteers and the Cleveland sailing community, secured an alternative sailing location and boat parking at Lakeside Yacht Club helped to ensure an extremely competitive & active racing venue...and LOTS of races!  These are mostly event photos by SFST, because we were sailing! For actual sailing photos, the best site to visit is

Gay Games VIII 2010 Cologne, Germany

With the economy in the tank and people without jobs, getting to Germany was a challenge for many.  Only four SFST members were able to make it, one team and one member who sailed as a skipper with the GUST UK team.   

Our sailing venue was the only one to ever leave the host country in the history of the Games, we commuted to Roermond, Netherlands for our sailing experience.  What wonderful hosts were the people of Roermond and the Mass en Roer Yacht Club.  What a fun, challenging regatta and our third time with our sailing friends from around the world!

Gay Games VII 2006 in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Opening ceremonies on Soldier Field and closing ceremonies on Wrigley Field, some definite sporting locations!  A big heat wave was a challenge for many athletes and the wind, but being on the water was better than a tennis court!  

SFST was represented by three teams sailing against some of our old friends from Australia, France, the Netherlands as well as those from across the USA.

Gay Games VI 2002 in Sydney, Australia

The very first inclusion of sailing as a sport in the Gay Games.  Each host can add a couple of sports indigenous to their location and sailing in Sydney Harbor was a perfect match!  Fun and friendships from around the world, it was a spectacular event!