Hong Kong for 2022 Gay Games

Today the Federation of Gay Games announced that the presumptive host location for the 2022 Gay Games will be in Hong Kong, China. 

This will be the first time the Games will be hosted in an Asian country. The runner up cities were Guadalajara , Mexico and Washington, D.C. San Francisco had been a semi-finalist to host but was not selected for the final 3. 

From the announcement,  “The impact that the Gay Games has in host cities is incredible in terms of culture, sport, economic impact, history and most importantly elevating all matters of LGBT+ equality.” Many believe that is a primary goal for the selection of Hong Kong.

Here is a link to the Federation’s Facebook page with their selection statement.  


Hong Kong’s bid does include sailing. You can see the bid book for more details about all of the sports, events & venues. Page 45 is the proposed, schedule, page 48 has the details for sailing to be host by the Royal Yacht Club of Hong Kong, Middle Island. Pages 164-166 has the sailing specific information. It’s the most expensive individual sport fee at $224 plus registration, and will max out at 80 participants.

Here is a link to HKRYC: http://www.rhkyc.org.hk/MiddleIsland.aspx

Here is a link to the full bid book: 


Here’s a link to the Hong Kong 2022 Facebook page: