GG Training, Europa & Spring Sailing

Well, here we are in March already and this week has finally brought some consistent wet weather to the entire state that has been parching from thirst rather than just NorCal.  Of course, after two years of needing a long, deep drink, some places are pouring the bucket and slopping some of that liquid gold around callously...but we'll take every little bit we can get for now!

And speaking of water...we're nearing the official start of Spring and it's time to start getting back on it in sailboats!

First...the Games...

There are 4 of us that seem to be the committed Gay Games 9 sailors going to Cleveland and we did start meeting and set a training schedule of the 2nd and 4th Sundays from 1-4pm.  However, a deluge on 2/9 and then life on 2/23 have interrupted the last couple of planned training sessions.  Unfortunately, with only 4, it doesn't take much to throw plans off.  So, even if you're not going to the Games but you're interested in sailing & some learning about racing, we'd love to have you join us at Lake Merritt Boating Center so that we've got some bodies to go sailing.  On occasion the Lake isn't ideal, moving over to OCSC Sailing at Berkeley Marina to sail on J24s might be a proposed alternative...even if it's just some fun tacking & gybing practice.

Heather will make every effort to be there each scheduled Sunday regardless of weather and most things, but if something does interfere, watch this blog or our Facebook page for last minute updates.  Sorry to anyone following and trying to join us, with this new blog, I didn't have my admin stuff in my mobile device in order to post, but now I do and I should be able to keep both pretty current.

Now...sharing some love!

Our SFST friends and teammates Alex and Carol and the rest of Alex's crew have been busy preparing Alex's boat Europa to participate in this year's PacCup race to Hawaii in July!  Very excited for them, this is no small feat to prepare for and race in.  Though sure wish they were going to be playing with us more, they've obviously got a different focus for now!  You can give them a shoutout and well wishes here or on Europa's website here:  Here's their official entry:  Good luck you guys!!

And finally...other spring sailing...

Who owns a boat and will offer crew spots when you do some day sailing?  Who can charter and would like to host an SFST day sail?  Who is interested in sailing with us in either of those opportunities?  We need all of the above to help continue to build a more present and robust LGBT sailing presence on the Bay.  Please leave a comment if you fit into any one of those categories so we can work to get some spring sailing organized. 

I'll get it started...SATURDAY, APRIL 5 on a J24 out of OSCS Sailing with Heather.  I've reserved the boat for the full day, which will probably start about 10am and finish about 5pm.  We can easily fit 4 people, and with shared charter cost, that's $46.25 per person.  We can take a sail out to Angel Island or maybe Pier 1.5 in SF for a late lunch...we'll make final decisions that day.  Will be inviting others through the email list and Facebook page, so watch for those or speak up here!

I'm certainly looking forward to some sailing!