CORRECTION: Racing Practice - 2nd & 4th Sundays @ Lake Merritt Boating Center

Hey everyone...mark your calendars now!! We've got a standard training schedule...and we want YOU to join us!!  First helps if I give the correct days and times!  Sorry about that...all better on now. :)

We'll be meeting at the Lake Merritt Boating Center every 2nd and 4th Sundays from 1-4pm through July...unless we designate another location...until the Gay Games start on August 9!  We'll meeting in the SIS room on the far left across from the office, on the other side of the lake map mural on the ground! :)  Get to the office, you'll figure it out! ;)  Parking is generally plentiful in the lot next to the boat house, but it does cost $5 to get into the park at the Fairyland entrance.  Boat rental is $20 per hour for the Catalina 14.2s, costs to be shared in cash.

Our intent is to sail as much as possible, but we'll either cover racing rules and strategy in the classroom if weather doesn't cooperate and/or head out on the water for such things as drilling our starts, calling mark lay lines, on the water practice to help understand and use the rules to your advantage, and whatever else we think we need to practice!

We had a great session the first time, even with the wind being both existent and not as well as fluky in direction...great practice for the unpredictable! 

Like we said, even if you're not heading to the Games and are only interested in learning more about racing, we'd love to have you join us...besides, we need the folks in the boats to make them go! ;)

If you've got any questions, just leave them here or on our FB page...hope to see you soon!